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    hippie yuuuuuuu

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    The Hippie Movement, as Jim Green Lee saw it
    I've had a number of people ask about the beginning of the hippie movement. How it started. Where we came from. Made me decide to put together a page explaining just this. Some of it is from what I already knew. Some from research I did. If anyone sees anything wrong or has something to add let me know.
    To do justice to the movement you first have to go back to the 1940's after World War Two. There had been two world wars and a depression in just thirty years. There began an anti-establishment movement. People wanting to break away from societies values placed on them. The poet Allen Ginsberg could possibly be considered the father of this movement. Using the written word they began to express their frustration , protesting what they saw wrong with the world. The poetry was not always just read but often performed to music. This is probably the source of the name given them, "The Beats". They were also referred to as "The Beat Generation". By the fifties the movement had spread and grown.